Special Mikoshi Experience in Akita

A crowd of white clothes walks around Ujiko town, enters every waterfall in the waterfall of the Shirataki, a white waterfall, pray for rice crops, maritime safety, prosperous business etc. It is said that a mikoshi enters a waterfall is that it is said that the young people who carried the shrine jumped into a waterfall while carrying the shogun for a long time as it was hot and it was said that only here in the country, It is known as the drifting summer shrine.


August 1 (Wednesday)

8:00 am  Mikoshi's carrier, gathering at Shirataki Shrine

8:30 am  Leave for town

12:00 pm Lunch

1:30 pm  Bathing in Mikoshi Falls

2:00 pm  Festival Finish

4:00 pm BBQ party

<Capacity> 5 People

<Cost> 10,000 yen (not including transportation expenses):

・Costume Rental




Please resister with this form below


Meeting up at JR HIgashihachimori Station at 7:30 am

<About Ma-tourism (Matsuri + tourism)>


・Can enjoy Matsuri through participating in it.

・Can touch the local culture / intract with local people

[Local community]

・The Matsuri will get more popular with getting new people to join the local community

・To get local fans through Matsuri

※Matsuri=Japanese Festival